This program was set up to assist undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Motherland - AFRICA - to acquire knowledge in Universities, Colleges and other Institutions of learning in the United States. It is an initiative of the Union of Africa Americans in the United States as part of a special contribution for the development of the human resources of the Motherland.
This scholarship is open to only African students over the age of 18.  To qualify for selection, candidates must meet the stated basic requirements, in addition to ensuring that entries are made not later than the specified deadline date. Selection of candidates to be considered is made from the first, fully completed, 5,500 entries received and which are verifiable before year end of 31st December in each year. Successful candidates are notified between March and April of the following year.
Strong willingness for intellectual pursuit is a necessary prerequisite. Not all applications to this program are considered. To succeed, an applicant must submit relevant details of sound academic background, and information through which verification can be made.
Changes are made periodically concerning the terms and methods which this program is run. Please click here to see details of these changes.
A recipient of the scholarship will be assisted to study in United States Free of tuition throughout the duration of the chosen program. In addition, the recipient will provisionally receive an annual allowance of US$3,000 for welfare. A recipient will also be assisted to get Student Visa which will expire at the end of the chosen program of maximum five (5) years.

Optionally, we arrange to help a recipient/student under our program to secure a part-time job which enable you work while you school and earn extra income. This is only done on request.
1. Completed Entry Form (to be made online).
2. Entry Fee of US$100 (₦33000 Nigeria, ¢380 Ghana, R1427 South Africa, £783 Egypt).
3. Five credit passes in O/level exams, including English Language, Mathematics and three
    other relevant subjects (undergraduate program).
4. First degree / HND (Postgraduate program).
5. One recent color passport photo.
Hostel Information
Special low rate hostels are arranged for new visiting students in the first academic year. Detailed information and travel guidelines will be sent to successful candidates.
Entry for the year 2016 must be received not latter than November 30, 2016. The entry form page in this website will be locked after the 5500th entry or after November 30, 2016.


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